Scratch and Win Promotions: Engage Your Customers

The interaction between businesses and customers is one of the cornerstones of a successful and healthy business relationship. There are many establishments that incorporate a form of interaction for them to better know their market and their customers. Many businesses, like online services, are in and of themselves interactive by nature and enjoy the benefits of an engaged audience. Unfortunately, not every business is inherently interactive. The good news is that they can still engage their audience with promotional campaigns that achieve the same if not greater results.

One of these promotional campaigns is the scratch and win promotion. These promotions can accomplish many different objectives in promoting your business.

It can considerably increase store and web traffic through direct mail pieces. By freely giving your customers what is practically in invitation to your store or website that not only benefits your business but also rewards them for their patronage.

It also helps create greater brand and company awareness. When you engage your customers through promotions, you can generate fanfare around your business that grabs your market’s attention. By giving your customers the satisfaction of the instant win, you are also telling them something about your business.

It also improves internal operations by increasing employee productivity through employee incentives. These promotions don’t only apply to your customers but also to your employees. Instant win promotions act as incentives for your employees that give them motivation to do better at work. For example, if your business were to give a Scratch & Win card to each employee who was able to comply during a random safety inspection. This would be a great incentive for your employees to pay more attention to safety regulations.

Scratch and Win promotions can also increase sales for you products through in-store promotions. They help make your customers stay in your store longer, which can lead to more sales. If, for example, your business were to give each person who entered your store an opportunity to Scratch & Win for discounts and even free merchandise. Have this promotion on a set date and advertise the date your market. If all goes well, your business can expect a successful sales day.

There are great companies that specialize in creating an effective customer or employee promotion campaign. They have experts who are experienced in developing promotional campaigns that are tailor made for your market.

So, if you want your business to start engaging both its customers and employees more effectively by giving them the opportunity of having a fun and rewarding experience, get started on an Instant Win promotional campaign.

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